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Lucie's Second Chemo, Part II

Don Wood

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Well, folks, we are rocking along. Lucie had her fifth Navelbine today, along with the monthly Aredia (bone mets). Onc says he wants to do six to eight times. As I said before, there have been side effects but not near like Taxoterror. She has been very tired and she had some constipation problems (which lately seem to have improved). Her rib pain has subsided, which is a good indication the chemo is working.

Again, we had to tell them today we were getting both IV's, which they went and confirmed. Drip of the Aredia was satisfactory today. We brought a lunch with us -- were there 4 1/2 hours, which is par.

It is good to see her feeling better, and she ordered some more colorful clothes from the catalogs! She is coming up in early October to 2 years, and wie will definitely have to celebrate. She also has a second LC person assigned to her that she is helping one-on-one, and that is going well.

Take care, guys and gals. Love ya! Don

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Don-I am so glad she is buying new clothes!! I remember when I was first diagnosed I did not buy anything new for myself for at least 6 mos. I did not want to waist money on something I might not be around to wear-STUPID!! :roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll: WELL now----I have NO problems spending money on new clothes. HA, Tom says I was cheaper to have around back then! HA

Glad she is on the up swing- Celebrate the 2 yr mark!!

Love Cindy

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Cool--new clothes! I went clothes shopping, for the first time, since DX. I did it online. I just couldn't get myself to actually buy what I put in my shopping cart! But hey it was a start!

I moved right before DX and had pared my clothing down by a couple of Hefty bags full--ok more than a couple! I kept a few "skinny" clothes--and at DX I told myelf I was so glad I had done that--based on you know Mr. Doom and Gloom! .

The thing is--now I have to consider ALL my clothes, "skinny clothes"--except for about three pairs of pants and two skirts!--and a few tops!-- I have gained over 20 pounds--yech--having once been a somewhat more active person, I guess! Even some shoes don't fit--!

I guess one ever knows! Even some shoes don't fit--!

Don, I know you are probably as interested in this as you are the Oprah show, huh? But this is for Lucie!

Lucie, it makes my heart sing when I hear of you. Keep on getting strong!

love and fortitude


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Don and Lucie:

I am so very glad all is going well, its so encouraging to hear. Lucie is so so lucky to have a wonderful husband and friend like you Don. You two so remind me of my grandparents, they had just an incredible love for one another that i have never seen before, but you 2 are changing my perspective on that!!

Keep up all the good work that you do for one another and others, its such a blessing

With love and prayers


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Lucie...you rock!!!! New clothes AND a two year renewal on subscriptions. What could be more optimistic than that? You inspire us all...

And Don....I trust you encouraged the shopping spree. I mean, after all...Lucie's gonna need something new to wear to that two year celebration, isn't she? :wink:

Keep on rocking on, Lucie!!

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Your post brought tears of joy to my eyes!

I'm tempted to wake Geoff up to tell him to read your post (he just got back into town); he will be just as thriled as I.

Does Lucie give quilting lessons? My grandmother started to teach me when I was a little girl--but I never followed through. If I'm ever down your way... :)

Please give her a big hug and a smooch for us. What joy! What an inspiration both of you are. Thank you for everything.


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I was so glad to hear about Lucie's response to the chemo. Less pain is such a good thing. I also like her attitude...new clothes...and you said colorful clothes..my favorite colors are bright ones.

I renewed the paper for 1 year and thought I had made progress...two years is an inspiration..I may have to reconsider. :)

As always, both of you are in my prayers. Keep up the good work with the chemo.


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Dear Don and Lucie,

I think Good news is appropriate too!! I am so happy that she is doing well with this current treatment and that her pain has subsided. I am even more happy to hear of her ordering new clothes and renewing subscriptions!! What a wonderful, delightful couple. My best and prayers for you both.

God Bless you,


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