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Good scan - and a surprise

gerbil runner

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Saw my mom yesterday - she had just gotten her PET results. She posted in a different thread:

"HI all,

I just got the results of my Pet Scan yesterday. NED is still keeping me company. There is one little lymph node that lit up in my right neck but my onc thinks it is not related & wants to watch it rather than scan it--o.k. with me. I don't like drinking the yuck stuff.

However, other tests have shown that I'm in heart failure along with the pneumonitis from the radiation. I have a new cadiologist & she promises to help that situation.

more later"

She gets frequent scans, so everyone is fine with waiting for the next scan. The blood test for tumor markers was fine.

The cardiologist is another story. She hadn't been happy with her cardiologist for awhile. Complaints of pain in her legs while walking got her a painful test with no answers, and a round of beta blockers which made things worse. And all the while, the problem was not getting the right kind of medication. The new cardiologist is looking at all her history since her first heart attack in 1990, and is sure she can do a lot to help Mom feel better. So, the pneumonitis was not the only reason her pulmonary function is poor. She's had the wrong cardiac care for 14 years! :x:x:x:x

Anyhow, Mom looks great. Her hair is growing in enough to toss the wig, her color looks good, and she's in good spirits. We're pretty happy :D .

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