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Has anyone had side effects w/Topotecan? My dad said it hits him much harder than Carboplatin and Etoposide. It really exhausts him. Meanwhile, the doc has increased his pain meds (MS Contin and Dilaudid) to make him more comfortable due to mets to the bone. The narcotics have caused unsteady balance on his feet. Does anyone know if this clears up? Perhaps the body adjusts to the increased dosage? Has anyone had similar recations? Thanks again you guys. I really appreciate your input.

Warm regards,


caregiver to dad, extensive stage sclc -- mets to liver and bone.

caregiver to mom, stage IV scc.

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My Father has reacted very well to the topotecan. No nausea at all, and most of his hair has even grown back. But there are those times when I think he can't handle the pain. His biggest problem is remembering to take the oxycotin every 12 hours...on time every time. If he is the slightest bit late it makes a big difference It has to be a constant isn the blood stream. He also uses percocet too.

I wish you and your father all the best.

God Bless!

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