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Dad had his first course of Zometa yesterday that he will get every 4 weeks from now on. Last night he had slight nausea and pain in his ribs and wrist, but after some pain pills and a hand massage, he felt better and was able to get a good night's sleep. He has felt fine today. What are your thoughts on Zometa and has anyone had good/bad results with this drug?

Oh, and someone asked what particular bones were involved in Dad's metastisis...from what I can remember, two ribs, a place on the upper part of the spine and the sacrum.

Thanks in advance!


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HI Kelly,

My mom has mets to her ribs..we started Zometa on may 19 with her first round of chemo. So far, she had a HUGE reduction in her bone pain. We are unable to tell what symptoms are related to her chemo and which are due to Zometa...but she hasn't had any side effects that we have noticed which are strictly related to Zometa.

We believe the drug is working..and will know more from her scans in mid july.

Good luck


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