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Lost my dear dad


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i really don't have the energy to post a long note after the day i've had. i feel so completely empty. daddy passed at 12:40pm, and i'm desperately depressed. i don't know how to go on, but i know that i will because people do-- all the time. boy does this hurt :(:(:( .

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I am so sorry for this great loss. I, as well as many others here, know exactly how you feel. It's very painful and devastating. It feels like it will never get better, but it will. Allow yourself to cry and grieve. Cling to your family and those close to you because you will need each other in the days ahead. My most sincere sympathy is expressed to you and your family.

God bless you,


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I am so very sorry over your daddy's loss. I too know that pain. I lost my dad 2 1/2 months ago and mom 1 year ago, both to LC. The pain is so great now and you go numb for about 2 weeks, then when it quiets down again, thats when the pain comes.

If I could help you through it, I would be there in a second. I got through mom by going right into helping dad mode and put it out of my mind. Then on the day we burried dad, my sister got diagonosed with cancer.

I hope that time will ease your pain and one day your tears will ease.

I wish I could help somehow....

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