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Missing member......


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...........boy this is bad cuz I can't think of her name, but I haven't seen her post and was just thinking about her.

Her picture was of her, her husband and her teenage kids. She's blonde, long hair, mid 40's. and lives in Maryland (I think......). She was diagnosed about two/three months ago, and I even talked to her on the phone a couple of times! She was struggling with quitting smoking.

Dangit - I think it might have been Jen or Jenny - I'll have to go pick apart the member list.

I hope she's doing okay.


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Jen and I stay in touch....as we were dx'd about the same time, with similar situations. She's had a pretty rough time with side effects. She's doing radiation right now along with chemo....so I'm hoping when rad. is over that she'll be suffering the side effects a lot less!

Her last email she said she wasn't sick from chemo...but was tired and headachy.

Jen....if you're lurking at all...we miss you and hope you're feeling better each day! Sending you a big hug!

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Okay - she answered my email:

"I am okay. Thanks for the email. I am 3 chemo's in and in the last week of radiation. My counts are low so I have to get Neupogen shots every day for a while. I feel like a dish rag. Tired."

Boy, all of us who have been there can relate to that!

Hopefully she'll come post here shortly....


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