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I just wanted to remind everyone about the importance of having your home tested for radon which greatly increases the risk of lung cancer.

After I was diagnosed, we had our basement tested and it tested "High". We tested it first with a device we ordered off of the internet (~$100) and then had the test confirmed with a local man. They then put a pipe under our house that runs to above our roof.

Our whole family has always spent a lot of time in our basement (it's our rec room) and I sure wish we would have tested years before. After we had our home tested, we're trying to have all of our family and friend's homes tested, too.

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We were very lucky to have a realtor who highly reccomended that we include a radon test as part of our house inspection. The levels recorded from that test were very high and we too have a radon mitigating system in place. It is a pretty simple test and there is a fix. Our realtor said the presence of radon was no reason to not buy the house, but with the test results we were able to work with the seller to get the mitigating system in place before we moved in.

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It really is important to get this info about radon as a possible causative factor out there. When we moved into the Phila area our realtor recommended that before closing on our house that we have a home inspection done by an outside firm. I am glad we did because the inspector found radon levels higher than norm and therefore the seller had to pay for it before closing. Well, we were adding on and opted to do it upon completion of the construction. Six months later I was diagnosed with lc. Apparently, it is particularly bad if there are smokers and radon in one house. But I have also wondered whether any asbestos was released from this old house's walls during renovations....

Probably a genetic predisposition with a few extra unknowns factored in. I really would love to hear some genuine researchers' viewpoints about why so many women are getting nsclc....

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