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This magazine has been one important resource around this message board since our conception - Nov. 2002. In fact, one of the first posts here posted a link to subscribe to the Cure MAGAZINE for free and that was almost TWO years ago!!

We've wanted desperately to have our information included in their publication as a support resource for those dealing with LC and to impress upon the management of the magazine how imporatant LC Issues are.....well....looks like it may be working (fingers crossed)

I had a wonderful conversation with the publisher of the CURE a few days ago and I am encouraged that this magazine really does care about their readership and I am impressed beyond belief that she would actually give me a call to talk about these issues.

Way to go JACK ! You ARE a stand up guy.

Just wanted everyone here to know about my correspondence and to give thanks to Jack for going to the offices of the Cure and for having the type of conversation that he had with them.

(BIG gentle hugs for Cheryl....she is lucky to have you fighting for her)


Stay tuned and fingers crossed everyone!

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Thanks for the hugs Katie and the kind words. I am so excited about the news as well. Cure has been a big help to me over the past year and a half.

Jack wanted me to let you all know the one that deserves the credit is the Publisher of Cure, Susan McClure. Being a cancer survivor herself, Jack had nothing but high praise for the professionalism and passion she displayed for her magazine and for the ones stricken with this disease. Cure and all of us are lucky to have her on our side. Thanks a bunch Susan... We love you!


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Thanks Jack for helping this web site get CURE's attention and by communicating the special concerns lung cancer patients share. I imagine Ms. McClure, like so many, had no idea what we face--.

Thanks again Katie and Rick for being the hardworking advocates that you both are!


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Rachel, here's their website: http://www.cancerinformationgroup.com/cure.html

BTW, on their editorial board is Betty Ferrell, RN, PhD, one of the top nurse scientists in cancer symptom management and survivorship research. She's AWESOME! I want to be Betty Ferrell when I grow up. (Okay, done plugging nurses now. Back to our regular programming.)

Go the bottom of the home page (URL above) and there is a link to subscribe.

Many thanks to Jack and Katie for getting the ball rolling. You are making a difference in this world! Thank you.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

ACTION will make the difference between where we are now (lost in space) and where we could be (a cure for lung cancer).

Thanks Jack. What you have DONE has made a big difference.

Thanks also to Cheryl, KatieB and Rick.


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