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ALCASE moving to Washinngton DC--New Strategic Direction


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Lung Cancer Advocacy Group Announces New Strategic Direction... Relocation to Washington D.C. Aimed at Increasing National Visibility

New Orleans, LA June 5, 2004 —To better serve lung cancer patients and those at risk for the disease, the Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy, Support, and Education (ALCASE), is embracing a new strategic direction, which includes moving its headquarters to Washington D.C.

ALCASE is the only national organization dedicated exclusively to lung cancer advocacy. Following a recent independent review of its mission, operations, and services to patients, the Board decided on several key changes aimed at strengthening ALCASE's visibility and increasing its ability to influence key decision makers.

"We are at a critical moment to create significant progress in lung cancer detection, treatment and patient support," says Randolph Urmston, current president of the board of ALCASE and a lung cancer survivor. "We needed to change at this critical time, when increased attention is being paid to women's health, including lung cancer, and new treatments for the disease are on the horizon."

Lung cancer remains the nation's leading cause of cancer death for both men and women, killing more people than breast, prostate, colon and pancreas cancers combined. Yet funding for national lung cancer research is far below the levels for these other malignancies. ALCASE plans new initiatives to address and call attention to this disparity.

Those initiatives include:

Advocate for increased public funding of lung cancer research

Become the leading source for information on lung cancer

Advocate for evidence-based, high-quality screening for lung cancer

Provide patient education and support for lung cancer patients and their families

Advocate for access to screening, diagnosis, treatment and support

During the transition ALCASE will continue to provide important support services for lung cancer patients and their families from its current headquarters in Vancouver, Washington. Over the next six to twelve months, these activities will be moved to Washington D.C. and the office in Vancouver will close.

In addition to these initiatives, ALCASE is also recruiting an executive director to lead restructuring and relocation; restructuring its Board of Directors to broaden representation; creating an Emeritus Advisory Board; and renaming the organization to better reflect its mission.

For further information on ALCASE, its new direction and relocation please contact: Jane Reese-Coulbourne at: 703.465.2350 (office), or 703.850.2890 (cell), or via email at: jane.rc@verizon.net

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