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Run for the Lungs


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Run for the Lungs (RFL) is a group of dedicated runners committed to raising money for the Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy, Support and Education (ALCASE) and to urging increased lung cancer research.

The team supports ALCASE's vital programs for people living with or at risk for lung cancer. We also want to create much greater public awareness of lung cancer issues.

RFL forms a natural connection: healthy runners using their lungs to full capacity to change the course of lung cancer and show compassion for people facing the disease. You can be part of this unique and important team, running for heroes!

The Idea for the Team

The idea for the Run for the Lungs team came about from Kevin Manley's desire, in the spring of 1999, to train and run a marathon and his desire to promote more lung cancer research. (See: A message from Kevin Manley.)

Behind every great idea, there is an even greater inspiration. Kevin's inspiration was his sister-in-law's determination to fight lung cancer.

"I knew I wanted to run a marathon and I also knew I wanted to raise money while doing it. I searched for an organization that had an existing marathon training program. That's when I found ALCASE on the Internet and contacted them about setting up the Team." Kevin Manley.

To show what could be done, Kevin sent out donation requests, got media coverage, and even met renowned marathoner Jerry Dunn. By the morning of the Cincinnati marathon (May, 1999), Kevin and his enthusiastic support team had raised an amazing $11,000 and ignited continuing interest in a "Run for the Lungs " team program.

Marathons so far

San Francisco Chronicle Marathon in 2001 (our first!)

Hops Marathon by Tampa Bay in 2001

Houston Marathon 2002

Cincinnati Flying Pig in 2002

Marine Corps Marathon 2003

Contact us for an informational packet. Or, complete our Join the Team form and we'll contact you! YOU choose the full or half-marathon you want, anywhere in the continental U.S., then contact us to join the Team. Even if you're not a marathoner yet, there's still time to train, and to involve your family, friends, and community supporters. Share the wonderful energy that comes from supporting a good cause!

By committing to your fundraising minimum goal, you receive:

• Team fundraising ideas and letterhead

• Training T-shirt and racing singlet

• Tips for improving your endurance and running technique

• Roundtrip airfare to the Marathon city with paid entry into the Marathon

• Hotel accommodations

• Team pasta party the night before the Marathon

If running 26.2 miles seems too challenging, you can form your own two or four person relay team. Contact us for an informational packet.

You'll amaze yourself as you run toward your goal!

Volunteer Coach, Jerry Dunn

America's "Marathon Man," Jerry Dunn, is Team volunteer Head Coach, and contributes training tips from his vast experience. He ran 200 marathons in the year 2000--at age 55!

Jerry is an official spokesperson for RFL as he continues running marathons nationwide. He urges everyone to challenge their limits. Thanks, Jerry! Find out more about Jerry and his achievements at Jerry's web site. Also, check out Jerry's Training Tips on this site.

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