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Minnesota, listen up. Wed. Sept. 1st

Donna G

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Listen , I was thinking about the Minnesota State Fair. The news channels are all there. Kare 11, WCCO, KSTP. If a crowd of us sat there this wednesday September 1st and we have blue lung cancer awareness shirts, If I made a poster to attract attention, perhaps we could get air time to bring attention to those of us affected by lung cancer, how we need research funding, how we are real people, mothers, nurses, teachers , neighbors, will you come? Let me know and what size you take if you need a shirt. Connie says she has more. After who knows we could have a dog on a stick together and meet and chat. The Kare 11 news I believe starts at 10 am, then KSTP at 11 , and WCCO at noon. Let me know. Donna G

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Okay, I have to be honest here. As much as I want to do this to bring Awareness and Attention to Lung Cancer, I can NOT TELL A LIE, I'm going for the FOOD!!! Corn Dogs, Corn on the cob, Cheeze Curds, Turkey on a stick, etc........ But, while I'm filling my face full of UNHEALTHY HAPPY FOODS for a day, I would LOVE to be a Lung Cancer Advocate as well! :wink::D I have SHIRTS!!!

This is an AWESOME FAIR folks! If you live close by, it's worth the drive, and the weather is going to be in the low 80's and NO RAIN!!

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Well not every one around here is up to going to the fair. For sure coming are Connie B and grandaughter, Sandy , Jennifer , perhaps her Mother, and Me. Please come if you can . Again, 10 AM at KARE 11, 11 AM at KSTP, and 12 at WCCO. Sandy and I made "Signs on a Stick" to wave. Each side says " WE SURVIVED LUNG CANCER-THE LEADING CANCER KILLER" Sandy glued paint stiring sticks in the center for the "stick' People up here all know at the fair everything comes on a stick, pork chop on a stick, corn dog on a stick etc. We are all wearing the blue Lung Cancer Awareness tea shirt. Wish us well, hope we at least get noticed. Donna G

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