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Daddy going into hospital... but its OK


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Daddy will be going into the hospital this coming Wednesday. They are going to try to "open up" some of the veins in his left foot. If you remember, the reason we admitted him last weekend was because we thought he had a blood clot in his left leg cos his toes were turning blue. No blood clot... but definetley a vasuclar issue going on. I did not personally speak to the vascular surgeon, but from what was relayed to me by Mom, they will go in through his groin and down the left leg to try to put a stent in.... hopefully it will work, if not, I don't know what the next option will be. Right now it is tough for him to walk much cos he keeps losing feeling in the foot and it is looking "smurf - like". I will be going down to the hospital on Wednesday to stay with Mom during the procedure - Say a prayer he gets some relief.... Thanks Love, Sharon

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Dear Sharon,

Your Dad has had enough problems the last couple of weeks. I hope this procedure on Wednesday is quick and successful and he is home dancing with you soon.

I will say an extra prayer for him tonight and tomorrow and Tuesday. I am glad you are going to be there for your Mother.


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