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Is it Good or Bad


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Hello all,

Just thought I'd let you know how the appointment at Dana Farber went. They told us that the Doctor's in New Hampshire are doing the same thing they would do if she went to Boston for treatment. They did tell me that the original tumor in Mom's lung is pretty much gone. What is left may be just scar tissue. There is a "pocket" on the scan of where it used to be. Most of the tumors in her brain have shrunk except one has grone because of dead cells. Instead of the 3 to 6 months one doctor in New Hampshire gave me Boston said many, many, many months maybe years if everything stays the same. In my opinion nothing ever stays the same so all I heard was bad news.

Mom will go in for another scan in 2 weeks to check the tumors in her head and to see if more treatment is needed. Why does this feel like we are living appointment to appointment.

Hope all are well tonight. You are all in my prayers.


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I do understand how you feel. I remember when my husband's largest brain tumor shrunk 30% after WBR and I sat and cried in the oncologist's office. It really took him by surprise, but he was very kind and understanding. I cried because I wanted it to be totally gone. I wanted them all to be totally gone! I didn't understand then what I do now - SHRINKAGE IS GOOD! SHRINKAGE IS VERY, VERY GOOD! I would now love to get a report like your mom got and to hear that something is gone! I know it's easy to get depressed because we so badly want there to just be absolutely nothing. Maybe the next time that will be the case for your mom. I will pray that it will be so. In the meantime, try as hard as you can to be excited about this and transfer that excitement and hope to your mom.

Much love and prayers coming your way,


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Your mom really did get good news. I remember one of the best things someone told me early on was. "We are all going to die and no doctor can ever tell you when." I have met several Stage IV survivors who are doing well several years out. Every day brings new hope. Do you have a Cancer Survivors' Park near you? If so, pay it a visit - you may leave with a renewed hope yourself.

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Glad to hear that she's doing so well -- and that the doctors have given you some hope for a change. I thought about going to Dana Farber when Len was first diagnosed, and discussed it with a number of people, but was told, by our pcp and by a number of other physicians we know that the local doctors would be following identical protocols and that they were excellent. Turns out they ARE excellent and it's much easier on Len than having to traipse the two h ours by Amtrak to Boston (or, the alternative, two h ours by Amtrak to NY for Sloane Kettering). So I'm glad we made that decision. But you do need a back up, particularly with such a bleak time frame -- now that can be put into perspective.

Keep us posted on her progress.


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