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Neuropathy & Iressa Question

Mark - North Calif

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Hi All,

I have a neuropathy problem with my left foot. It is numb on the outside edge of the ball of the foot. It's not causing any serous discomfort nor is it impacting my ability to walk. But it is a bit troubling. Onc says there is no history of Iressa causing this. I can't decide if it's due to Iressa, previous chemo or a simple injury. I've been on Iressa for almost 1 year and this condition just started within the past month. Anyone out there experience the same thing with Iressa?



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I have neuropathy in both feet and chemo made it a bit worse. It orginally was casused by type 2 diabetis. You may want to have your sugar checked. I have been on Iressa for a year and a half and the neuropathy has not changed. Most likely it is not from the Iressa.


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I developed neuropathy during my first chemo treatments. When I got off chemo my neuropathy never totally went away, but greatly decreased. I had a break of about 7 months and then went on a clinical trial of Iressa/ZD6474 and my neuropathy did increase again, but never to the point of my original discomfort level. So I wouldn't totally rule out the possibility that Iressa could have something to do with your experience.


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Hi fellow No. Californian,

Steve has really struggled with the neuropathy. He first got it in both feet and three fingers of his left hand with Taxol/Carbo chemos. It was manageable for a long time. Then he had to go back into chemo again with Gemzar and Cisplatin. It became MUCH worse and and continues to be a major issue. It does affect his walking and is quite painful at times. We have been seeing an acupuncturist and it improves for a couple of hours after treatment, but then returns, so we may give up on that. Paddy recently suggested the drug Neurantin (not sure about the spelling) so we are going to talk to the doctor about that. Steve has been on Iressa for a bit over a month and has not noticed any worsening of the symptoms since being on the Iressa.

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Never took Iressa, but like the rest was on Cisplatin ( or any Platin) which can cause neuropathy . Again like others it improved after finishing chemo, but never has completely gone away. I don't fall anymore but sensations are out of whack with my feet and very exagerated. I try to ignore them and keep them happy as best I can. Donna G

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