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Actor Gerald McRaney lung cancer

Connie B

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Isn't it funny the way the public relations people put the spin on these news items. We all know that doctors do not just remove a "cancerous tumor" from the lung. They remove the entire lobe, or a portion of it and usually lymph nodes in the surrounding areas. I notice he had his surgery at MD Anderson, where I am being treated. I really find it hard to believe they would do surgery and say, ok, "you're cured!"

This is why we have such a hard time getting the facts out about lung cancer. Cheryl is right, he would be a good candidate to spokesperson our lc issues.

Doubt that will happen. Just my opinion. Thanks for listening.


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Totally agree!!!

the way they word it on eonline too is like another smoker gets a cancerous tumor no biggie. and since he is a LONG-TERM smoker...it is expected. I hate that.

MAJOR HEALTH PROBLEM: Major Dad star Gerald McRaney undergoing surgery Monday in Houston to remove a cancerous tumor from his lung. The actor, a longtime smoker, is expected to remain hospitalized for several days before returning to Los Angeles to begin work on a new sitcom, Commando Nanny.

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it's unfortunate that the article tends to focus on his tobacco use as the implicit "only way" to get lc, and the surgery makes it sound like no big deal (like he is 100% cured and will never have a reoccurence). but simultaneously, getting lung cancer in the news is "good" news since it can help people become more aware of the illness. i know that this is a terrible thought, but sometimes i "wish" that someone famous and well-loved by the public who has never smoked got lc, just so that the public can realize how devastating and serious this disease is, even for non-smokers. i feel guilty for thinking that way sometimes, but it's just a passing thought once in a while...


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I'm sorry, but just because the tumor was removed.....are you going to walk around and say I'm cured? NO! :roll:

They just seem to be pooh poohing it!

It's a shame he doesn't stand up and fight for LC and bring awareness! I get my soapbox out anytime I can and lecture, show scars, radiation burns and tell my story. If it helps one person......then it's worth it. So far 3 of my friends have quit!

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I agree Ginny, lets do that. And by the way, has anyone heard on how Tammy Fay Baker is doing? I saw a think on TV the other day, but I didn't get the entire jest of it, but I did see her and she looked just like she always did or does! HOWEVER, this may have been something from before her cancer dx.s too!

I wonder if Gerald has a website. Or maybe even his wife Delta Burke is it?? She has a clothing line that we might find where she is at or how to reach her. Can't hurt to try. Like I said before and continue to say, I NEVER SAY NEVER!

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