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My mom...


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I just saw this thread. I am so sorry about your mom but so glad that you were there with her to the end. My favorite color to wear is red so I can identify with your mother. I know you are exhausted and sort of numb at this time. I believe God gives you only what you can stand at one time, so if you are at all like I am , the pain will come in waves...then go away for a while, then another wave. Eventually the waves get farther and farther apart. You are a wonderful daughter to your mom and have done all you could do for her. I wish you peace and strength through all of the coming days.


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Sorry about your pain,

no words can cover all I would like to say to you,

I lost my Mom in 1975 and I still talk to her every

day, just as she would be beside me, now I have

two that keeps me company, Mike and my Mom were

so close and good friends, that I can't think of one without

thinking of the other.

Time will pass, the pain will still be there but remember

she will always be beside you.

My deepest sympathy.


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I know you've heard it a lot, but my heart goes out to you and your family. I lost my mom suddenly in February just 5 days before my wedding. I wasn't with her like I always thought I would be. She was a cancer survivor having a large sarcoma removed from her thigh 3 years ago. What took her was an aortic aneurysm. I had just talked to her an hour before on the phone and she was so happy. I'd been a single mom for almost 5 years and she was so happy that I'd found someone who loves me and my kids. We were talking about the wedding and the kids and you could just hear the happiness in her voice. She died an hour later. My uncle was staying with her and called me to meet the ambulance at the hospital because she had "passed out" but it didn't look good. I got to the hospital 15 minutes later and she was already gone. I didn't get to say goodbye, but our last conversation will never be forgotton.

Now, this weekend is grandparents day, which was her favorite holiday. She was so proud of my children, the only grandkids she saw.

Hang on to those good memories and know that your mom loved you and she's in a better place keeping a good watch on you.

God Bless,


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