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A member of this forum, whose husband is battling lung cancer, posted a message on a forum for RV owners and wannabees. Karen told me about this forum and suggested I register...so here goes.

During December, 2000, a persistent cold in my chest would not go away. First call to PCP reply was that everybody has it and get some over-the-counter remedy. 2nd call, 2 weeks later told they would call in a prescription and take that. 3rd call, another 2 weeks later, told MD too busy but a PA would see me. Joanne (as in Joseph and Anne, parents of Mary) turned out to be an angel, briefly posing on earth as a PA. She immediately ordered X-Rays where one or two suspicious spots showed up in the lower right lobe. She demanded that the clinic move very quickly with biopsies and other tests, ultimately leading to the surgery to remove the lower right lobe. The malignancy was confined to that one location. No followup treatment.

Six weeks after the surgery, I returned to work full time and we purchased our first RV that same week.

Thanks for having a wonderful wife & family, a brilliant surgeon, a God who does hear our prayers, and many others.

Incidentally, Joanne, the PA, loved by all of her co-workers, left the clinic and no one knows where she went...except me.

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