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More bad news


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Well I went for my brain MRI to check for mets. I was having no symptoms but guess what? They found a tumor unfortunately. I seem to only be getting bad news. Don't get me wrong I will still beat this thing. The DR. thinks i may have surgery to take it out since it is only one tumor the odd thing is it did not show up in a PET scan. I have not lost hope I just wnt to get some better news

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Lenny, I am so sorry about this latest development, but much can be done for brain tumors. My dad had three brain mets in December 2002, we dealt with those with gamma knife-a very non-invasive procedure, and there have been no problems regarding brain mets since then.

I have posted several times regarding the procedure, if you are interested. Also, feel free to private message me, or e-mail me if you are interested in any info.. My dads doctor said, "don't worry about the brain mets, we can deal with those...brain mets will NOT kill your father."

You have the same attitude as my dad. Approach this as just another hurdle....get ready...set...run...and...JUMP!!!!

Wishing you the best of luck, you can deal with this thing. Take care, Deb

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Thank you all for your prayers and support. I kind of expected it just because of the way things are going. I am not as worried about the brain tumor as I am the other mets. But I feel strong. I am still curious how come it didn't show up on the pet scan. Does anyone know why?

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I am so sorry about the bad news, but you have the right attitude. This Met can be taken care of, and from there you move on to the next hurdle.

When we went to have Keith's PET scan, we were told that the PET scans were great, and very accurate, however they can not look at the brain. When I first saw my husbands PET scan, I started hyperventilating, because I saw all the black spots, and then his entire head was black, and I thought the cancer had completely taken over his brain. So, the doctor tried to explain this all to me in laymen's terms.

Hot sites, such as cancer tumors show up as black spots on a PET scan, the entire brain shows as a black mass on PET scans as well. Part of what the explaination we received was that the PET scan uses irradiated Sugar substance to locate tumors, becuase cancer shows a high absorbancy of sugars. However, one of the first sources of energy the brain utilizes in functioning is also sugar intake, so the Brain naturally has a high sugar level, therefore it always shows black on the scan.

We were told to detect brain Mets, an MRI had to be done. We were also told that Bone scans were necessary as a PET scan will show a bone met if the lesion is on the external part of the bone. IF the met is isolated to the marrow, then the PET will not always show it. Sometimes, but not always.

Hope that helps some. I am praying for you, Lori, and your children. You will be fine, and once this is past, you will go on to conquer the rest of this beast. Why, because you are one Strong, Determined, Fighting Son of a B---H!!! I know you can do this!


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It was only during surgery that they were able to tell what an undiagnosed area in my lung was. It was a primary adeno tumor. My surgery was for a primary squamous tumor. Fortunately both cancers were in the same lobe! The adeno didn't show up on the PET. Everyone thought it was an infection of some sort. No one has been able to tell me why it didn't "bloom." So, who knows. Just shows these xrays are not necessarily the end-all, be-all.

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