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New photo for Sandy.

David P

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OK Sandy, this is for you and anyone else who was tiring of my one year old biking photo. This is me on the rugged 50 mile long West Coast Trail on the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It was built as a rescue trail for all the shipwrecks that occurred along the coast in the 1800's. We took six days and five nights to complete the trail. It was the toughest thing I had ever done in my life -- even tougher than my 24hr races!! I started with 75lbs in my backpack. (big mistake)

Hiking up and down steep mountain trails for 10 and 12 hrs a day, the sore shoulders, and the HUGE blisters from my boots (which I left at the end of the trail), was all counteracted by the sheer beauty of the waves, beaches, gray whales, sea lions and otters, wolves, bears, and the afternoon we bought live crabs and some beer from the local Natives and caught some fish off the rocks right next to a huge propellor and drive shaft from the shipwrecked S.S. Michigan. What a trip!! If anyone out there is into hiking -- this would be the trip for you.

David P.

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First of all..........great picture! Secondly, you are one crazy man!!! :lol::lol: (totally kidding of course!) I wish that I had just one ounce of your spunk and "get up an go". I'm proud of myself when I walk, not drive to my mailbox! :lol: O.K., give me a break......my driveway is a little over a quarter of a mile long.......one way. I don't think I'm ready for your hiking trip just yet. It does sound wonderful though. David, you are awesome!!!!

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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I have been a slug all my life, your recollection of this great trip you took makes me wish I could have been one of those types that takes joy in active sports and things like hiking. I love the outdoors and enjoy camping. I envy you your trip and am humbled by what you have achieved.



PS Great Picture!

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