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news and chemo question

Guest mona61

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We received some news yesterday that the tumor has shrunk less then half its size. I was wondering why he is only recieving 6 weeks of chemo. I dont want to see him go through any more, but it seems that most people have more treatments then that. They had said this was inoperable, but do you ever think that they he will be operable. Also, he has been having alot of hearburn. What can we do about that. To the lady that wanted to know if he was working full-time, He is working full-time at this point.

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Mona, Lucie received just 6 treatments of Taxotere/Carboplatin originally which completed 5/03.. She is now taking Navelbine and that will probably be 6 treatments. It varies with conditions, person, etc.

If he is having acid reflux, Lucie took Nexium while she was on chemo and it helped. If it is just heartburn, he can take an antacid.

The shrinkage of the tumor sounds good to me, too. Don

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I was also on Carbo/Taxol. I was scheduled for 6 treatments also. Mine were scheduled once every 3 weeks. I only tolerated 5 of the 6 treatments though. I agree w/Don about taking something for the tummy. No need to suffer like that.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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