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Great - a beginning. We must continue to make ourselves visible with Oprah.

Come on, Oprah, you know there's a better, more personal story out there. You know there's a story your viewers would like to hear. You know you can make a difference. Just Do It!


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i saw that episode a while ago. it was informative, but the thing is is that i believe the doctor kinda emphasized that the lung came from a smoker with lung cancer (i'm not positive, but i'm pretty sure). i wish that he had also said that it could happen to non-smokers too.

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Jane Pauley has a new daytime show and is looking for stories. I saw part of the show yesterday; one of the segments was about a young woman with ALS who had asked the show to help her with a video diary she wanted to create for her son. I went to the show's website last night and started to post an idea for a show about lung cancer but left without submitting anything. (I'm having difficulty doing anything beyond fixing dinner) Since this is a new show, there may be more of a chance of having a story considerered. Just a thought.


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