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Wish I had known about this site last year

Guest Lois

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I just found this site, actually someone on my craft forum mentioned it. My husband was diagnosed with stage IV SCLC last January, died three months later. I sure wish I had known about this site during our battle with this horrific disease, and for the months after. I'm so glad people are getting the support they need from folks like you.

I read with much empathy the notes from people stating their guilt for maybe not making the correct choices, treatments, etc. I certainly went through that, and will always wonder if the decision my husband made to stop treatment was more for my sake than his. But as time passes and memories become clearer, without so much emotion, I can accept the outcome without getting wrapped up in the whys and guilt?

My hope is that you all will continue to support those who come to you in fear and pain, and that we can all join in those fights for small victories against this horrible disease.

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Lois Welcome!! So sorry to hear about your husband. I had similar feelings about my husbands treatment, the what ifs are still there, at times, even after 3 yrs. I also wish I had found this site before,,,,,but,,,,,I am sure glad I found it now. The people here are wonderful!!!!! They are so open, and honest, and kind. They have really helped me sooo much, in coming to terms with this disease. I hope you can find alot of good here.



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I am glad you stopped by. I am sorry you lost your husband to this beast. The one good thng I do in life is try not to 2nd guess my actions. You make your decisions with the best of intentions and not being perfect, you can not expect all your choices to be perfect. If you and your husband made your choices in love and to the best of your ability then they were the right choices. Cherish his memory and be happpy.

Stop by anytime we would love to have you.



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Lois...I'm AppleAnnie on the craft forum and the one that mentioned this site. I lost mu DH to sclc in December 2002 and could not have made it without the love and support from this group. I'm so very glad you stopped in to visit with us. Please stay and continue to post. We cover a wide area of topics regarding lung cancer. Welcome aboard!!!!

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Lois, glad you're here, I am so so sorry you lost your husband, but maybe some of us can benefit from your experience. I hope you stick around. For the most part, we are nice bunch of folks!

I use my husband's sign in to post, he is the patient - only 40 years old at this time, battling his second bout of SCLC.

Take care and thanks for coming!

Karen C.

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What a nice response from so many of you. I certainly wish you all the best, whatever the circumstances. You are right, I'm sure I can still learn a lot of this group. When you least expect it, is often when the loss hits hardest. But, life is good, and we can feel such a sense of strength when we know we've done the best we could do at the time.

Thanks again for your support.

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