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Donna.....need a report


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Well, would you believe here it was September 1st in Minnesota and it was HOT . Up to 90 degrees. Sandy and I got there first, the Kare 11 news was too crowded we were way back. Next to KSTP, and we sat beside this guy in the bleacher with Pink and blue hair with sparkles in it. Would you believe he had a royal blue tee shirt on only his said Skyline Ride. Rusty was the caster at the fair grounds and he interviewed all the kids , a couple of women who had huge bags of stuffed toys they had won, of course the women who had won with her mushroom muffins recipe, Sandy and I moved down to the bottom row where he had been sitting and wouldnt you know then he interviews the guy with the pink and blue hair. One women near us said we were wonderful to bring attention, she lost her Dad to lung cancer, and her Aunt had a lobectomy for lung cancer.

Well we proceeded on to WCCO, there we found Connie B and her grandaughter, and Jennifer and her friend. We did see an Alligator, and a giant lizard, and of course the man with the pink and blue hair was there.

Next year pink and blue hair with sparkles!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps that will get us on. We continued on to enjoy another day at the fair. I got a picture of Connie and the grandaughter on the ferus wheel, and sliding out of a Cajun fun house. We saw the cows, sheep, pigs, the baby birthing center, baby pigs, cows, sheep being born, petted the tiny little ducks that were just hatched.

went to more exibits, found out I have A+ blood, got a new mouse surface for the computer, clear post it notes from 3 M. We ate fried cheese curds, dogs, slush, ice cream, and many other things not listed on the diet for Slims in the Making.

At least we wore our shirts around in a huge crowd for hours.

When I got home there was a message on my machine " Donna , there is no change in those nodules" " I don't think you have anything to worry about, it is not cancer" "I will send you a note"

What a great end to the day.

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Did better than I thought, got this message from Stan, who kindlly watched all three news shows!!!!

I saw you and Sandy at three of the T.V. shows. Channel 4, 11, and 5. I

didn't recognize Connie because she didn't have on her Blue T-shirt. Good

showing! Too bad you didn't get interviewed. Next time!


Ps Yes , the blue tee shirt is the same one I am wearing in the picture.

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