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People in Clinical Trials May Live Longer


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People in Clinical Trials May Live Longer

MONDAY, Aug. 25 (HealthDayNews) -- People with lung cancer who take part in clinical trials live longer than those who receive standard cancer treatment, reports new research.

The study offers the first evidence that clinical trials offer cost-effective treatment -- costing only slightly more than standard treatment -- for people with non-small lung cancer. The finding appears in the Oct. 1 issue of the journal Cancer.

Researchers at the Center for Cancer Economics, Technology Assessment, Innovation and Development in Detroit compared the outcomes for people with non-small cell lung cancer taking part in clinical trials with the outcomes of those receiving standard therapy. They also evaluated the cost-effectiveness of each treatment.

Clinical trials were 22 percent more expensive than standard treatment ($41,734 compared with $34,191), but there was a major difference in overall survival, the study says. People in the clinical trials lived about 30 percent longer than those who received standard care -- 1.3 years versus 0.9 years.

An analysis of the cost and survival data revealed that taking part in a clinical trial was associated with improved survival at an incremental cost of $9,741 per year of life saved.

"The increase in costs associated with clinical trials may in part reflect increased costs associated with these new agents, but these effects appear to be offset by the improved survival," the authors of the study write.

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