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Hurricane Frances


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Hi all,

I've also posted in response to Cat, but wanted to be sure to include all who are about to be impacted by the hurricane in Fla. I am more than able & willing to shelter anyone from that area in my home in Rhode Island. I live in Exeter, R.I. & am located 3 miles from the train station at Kingston RI. & 30 minutes from the Providence airport. I have 2 extra bedrooms & a big house so email if you're interested. I would love to meet you. Love, Claire

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I think they were all warned to be out of there as of this am.... not to wait. I'll be biting my fingers to my elbows until we hear they're all okay.

Generous of you to offer.



5:18 pm EDT

Hurricane warning from top to bottom of florida's East coast. CNN's weather forecast is calling for the hurricane to just about split the state in half, hitting shore Sat pm and leaving the west coast sun pm. And it is bigger than the whole state.

Sweet Mother Mary, please help our friends and others in Florida.

This is going to be a very bad storm.

For the rest of us: There is power , enormous power in prayer.

Please, please let us pray continually for this storm to be minimally harmful to human and animal life......

I hope those girls are the he(doublehockeysticks) outta there....

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Bellringer...thanks for the generous offer. I am as prepared as humanly possible. All windows and doors are boarded up and I feel like a prisioner in my own home. It's 1:45 in the afternoon and I have lights on inside. I went out this morning and got dry ice, as there is no regular ice to be found. I have been emptying ice from my ice maker as soon as it fills and putting ice into plastic bags in the freezer. Everything is closed and boarded up here...even Walmart and convenience stores. It looked like a ghost town when I was out. I think tonight we will probably lose power. I will probably gain 50 pounds during this storm, as I baked everything possible last night while I had power. I have an abundance of brownies and banana bread. My grill propane tank is filled and I have a back up. I will cook things in the freezer as they begin to thaw. If any of you have been watching the weather channel, they have had a reporter right here in my home town of Palm Bay since yesterday. Prayers going out to all my Florida friends.....Cat, Betsplace, Pecola and anyone else I missed!!! Thanks for all the love and prayers! I know Dennis is watching over me!!!

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