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Newish here - now waiting on Biopsy results


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Hi everyone.

I wrote back in the end of August as my mom was having a broncoscopy for what the Doctor said he was sure was cancer. After waiting over a week for results, they were inconclusive. Said that no malignant cells were found.

So today we took her in for a lung biopsy. Mum was a real trooper through it all. Nurse was fantastic, though I have developed a new level of disgust for her GP. (it's a looong story) I wish we could just switch GP's, but that seems to be near impossible here in the not-so-great-white-north. So now we wait until next Thursday to find out what the results are.

The nurse said it was fairly commonplace for the broncoscopy results to come back inconclusive, but that this should definately let us know what we're dealing with. She took the time to explain everything to us, and answer our questions - the first person to do so since this nightmare started 3 weeks ago.

I find myself wondering if we'd have had a diagnosis and started treatment by now if we lived in the US. I suppose theres nothing productive about that line of thinking, but still.

I gave mom some reading material about LC tonight as well. A book written by an MD that wasn't as neggy neg as most other information I've read. (I read the book first before passing it along)I told her that it would help explain what they've done so far, why, and to inform her as to what may happen next, and things she can do to perhaps feel better if and when chemo/radiation starts. I guess I'm hoping it'll empower her. The last thing I want to do is scare her more than she is already. I figured that since she asked me how I knew about the difference between SCLC and NSCLC, I'd share what I've been reading.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions and/or comments ya'll might have - and hugs to anyone who wants/needs one!


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Sorry you had to find us but glad you did. The book sounds like a good idea. The more I understood what was happening the more I understood it. The American Cancer Society has some pretty good little books on radiation and chemo that tell you what to expect. They helped me get ready mentally for all of it. I had not found this great place at the time I was in treatment.


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Deruo, I want to let you know we went through much the same thing. My husband had two bronchoscopies that both showed no cancer, but our radiologist knew better based on my husbands symptoms and then ordered a needle biopsy into the the tumor which was right outside his lung. I live on the very northern border of NYS, just below you, and we too wondered about our treatment at first. You can read his bio at the bottom and see how he is doing. So hang in there, enjoy the beautiful day we seem to be having today - looks like fall is coming, doesn't it?


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hi deruo,

i'm sorry that you have been frustrated with the long process, but let me assure you that it isn't only because you live in canada. due to insurance problems, among other things, things can get really delayed here too (in the u.s.; and i'm from l.a., a huge city with dozens of top hospitals in the nearby area). i know that any second of time that you don't have a game plan for your mom seems like an eternity. please keep us updated and ask questions you and your mother may have. i have found that often times i get better (clearer) answers from here than from my mom's docs.

God bless,


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Thanks for your replies everyone.

Got the results today. It's small cell.

Don't know much more than that at the moment as we're waiting to see an oncologist to find out where we go from here. Probably to determine whether it's limited or extensive and our treatment options. Much as I don't want to "waste" what seems to be valuable time when dealing with this beast, I'd like to get a second opinion about treatment and/or investigate clinical trials.

I'm sure there are some SC survivors here. I'd appreciate any words of wisdom and/or advice you may have to share!

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Hi Deruo,

I am glad you all finally got your results back. It took about that long for me to get mine as I went through the bronchoscopy and then a Lung Biopsy. I think the medical community is using the Bronchoscopy before they use a lung biopsy because the bronchoscopy is new and they want to "test" it. Knowing what I know now I would not let them do a bronchoscopy again I feel like it is just a waste of time (and money). But now that you do have your mom's results you all can get a plan of action started for your mother. I would like to suggest that you read everything you can on your mom's type of cancer and the treatment she will be getting. There are also other things you can do - i.e a new diet of fruits and vegetables, protein drinks, flaxseed oil (the refrigerated kind - mix it in yogurt), cut out all sugars. Knowledge is really powerful when dealing with this, I have found that in my case the doctors wanted to place me in a specific group with my type of cancer and treat me as they do everyone else with my type of cancer (non-small cell lung cancer stage iiib) that would have meant no surgery just chemo/radiation - However, since I am only 40 yrs old and in great health except for this I would not allow it. 2 months after my diagnosis and after 5 weeks of chemo and radiation and made them go back and look at doing surgery and we did (my surgeon was truely amazed, his words to me were - I never thought this would be possible) so find out all you can. Sorry this is so long just wanted to give you as much info as I could since you all are just starting this journey.

Good Luck.


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I've read all your posts here tonight, and while I can't offer any advice regarding where you might be able to get a second opinion/treatment here in the states, I can sense and understand your panic. You're in the same place my family was in the day after Christmas last year, and it's anything but fun.

Take a deep breath, put aside all those things that you THOUGHT were worries earlier today (before you got the news), and hold tight to your family. You probably won't get much sleep for a few days, which might result in headaches, crankiness, etc. So remember this - find a place you can go to periodically where you can take another of those deep breaths, and close your eyes and gather yourself. Things won't be "right" in your world for a long time, so you need to do all you can to take care of yourself so you can then take care of your Mom.

You've got lots of new friends here - let us help in any way we can. We'll start out by offering our prayers and support.



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