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The Cancer Rollercoaster

Kel M

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Hi all,

It's been awhile, but I thought I would post this week's adventures. As some of you will recall, Mom was progressing nicely. She had responded well to treatment and was able to get away for a couple of weeks of R&R.

This past weekend, I drove home, as I do every weekend, and noticed that Mom looked quite fatigued. She was, in fact, barely able to move, had no appetite and was easily winded. She rapidly deteriorate on Sunday to the point that we felt it necessary to drive her into the city to the emergency.

It's been a difficult 5 days since. Her chest x-ray showed a "normal" lung (plus scar tissue), but doctors couldn't explain the extremely low blood pressure, fatigue and back pain. After multiple scans early in the week (VQ, Body, Brain), the pulmonary/emergency specialists determined that Mom had a pulmonary embolism in the making (a traveling blood clot that went to the lung) in addition to pneumonia and some form of reactive diabetes (it will go away). Yesterday, she developed a terrible headache and they've since been fighting to regulate her blood pressure. Hopefully, she's on the mend. But what turbulence!! She'll be in the hopsital through labour day and then hopefully she will have improved enough to come home.

All of this because she went on an extended car trip! She even followed doctor's orders to get out frequently and walk around - but she was simply unlucky.

So, in short, its been a not-so-great week for us all. I'm exhausted, cranky and short-tempered. I took on traffic in downtown Montreal earlier this week (you may have heard the stories) and emerged victorious, but only because I was feeling more vicious than the average Montreal driver (lol). I also find myself getting angry easily over stupid things (i.e. I lack perspective) and bothered by details. It can be overwhelming. Indeed, I am bouncing from stressor to stressor and running out of gas. The good news is my sense of humour is fairly intact - I'll know I'm in big trouble if it pulls a disappearing act.

I wish everyone a great day and a wonderful long weekend. I continue to be grateful for everyone's wisdom and good cheer. Your kind thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.


P.S. I've introduced my Mom to the fine art of thumb wrestling to help pass the time in the hospital. She's up 10 to 1. She cheats. :)

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I've heard that Montreal Drivers are right up there with Taxi Drivers in Japan. :wink:

Sorry about your Mom. I don't understand why most docs don't warn us about the symptoms and probabilities associated with development of pulmonary embolisms. This is very common in lung cancer patients, but it's usually treatable if caught early enough. And catching it early means understanding the early symptoms. :roll:

Tell your Mom that I cheat at thumb wrestling, too. :)

Hope she's on the mend very soon, and that you are able to relax a little.

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hi kel,

i'm so sorry that you having a bad week. i'm glad to hear that you still have your sense of humor intact though (isn't it strange how something as horrifying and exhausting as this experience garners good material for comedy at times? i've noticed that more recently too...). continue on with the thumb wars (it's nearly impossible to win without cheating!). i hope that your mom will be able to leave the hospital soon. take care.

God bless,


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