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Hi everyone. I haven't posted in a while because no news was good news, and my mother who was dx in January '02 with limited sclc was in complete response until now. We just got a call that the lc has apparently returned (initially had suspicious chest x-ray, chest ct revealed 2 spots approx. 1 inch and 1 smaller). The dr will be ordering more chemo, but not radiation as the rounds she had last year were at "toxic" levels, and subsequently (helped by the rad or not, along with osteoporosis) she has suffered from spinal deterioration and is on morphine daily for back pain.

Anyway, the dr suggested doing the same chemo regimin again, and I thought I had read on here that it is recommended to change the chemo once there is a recurrence? Did Jonathan or Dr. Sam post that? I tried to find that post or posts, but was unable to.

My mom seems to be in good spirits, and is hopeful that she will get another year of complete response, since it has been one year since she finished chemo/radiation, l8 mos since dx.

Any advice is appreciated, since we will be seeing the onc this week and start chemo.


mom dx limited sclc 0l/02

chemo/radiation, no PCI

recurrence 0l/03

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Dear Hope,

Just a quick line to convey sadness that your mom's LC has returned :cry: Will be praying that the new round of chemo will result in another positive response. Sorry I don't know more about SC and effective chemo's. Blessings.

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Hi Hope,

I think current mainstream thought is that if you get a CR of at least 6 mo that you go back wit the same chemo. That's not written in stone of course and another school of thought says always use a different chemo to treat SCLC recurrence. Like so many other things in LC treatment, alot of it has to to with the individuel doc and the patient. Neither is absolutely right or wrong.

Your Mom will be in my prayers.

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Sam is right, generally if the cancer comes back AFTER six months of remission, then the patient willmost likely have some reponse to the former regimen that they were on. However, let it be said that some patients do very well on there "same" regimen, and others have a limited response. If your oncologist thinks hat you will still benefit from the regimen that you had before, then i wuld go back on it, but I would also make sure that after the second cycle (treatment) of chemotherapy, a CT scan is taken NO LATER! Typically if a patient is going to have any response it will have occouyred before the third cycle of chemotherapy has begun. This way, if the cancer does not respond, you will know immediatley, and you can go on another regimen or form of therapy.

Please get back to us with your decision,and I am sure tht no matter what you do you will get well!!!!



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I am so sorry your Mom has a recurrence of the cancer. :cry: My mom's onc said the same about the 6 month rule~ recurrence after 6 months use the same treatment. I am praying that your mom has the same response she had last time. It sounds like they caught it very early.

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