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Mom to have gamma


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Hello all. As if there isn't enough turmoil in my life with Hurricane Frances roaring in to Florida, I just found out that my mom is going to have gamma knife surgery. I don't know all the specifics yet, but I was just wondering how many people have had this procedure done and if you considered it successful?

Any information will help tremendously.



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My dad had it. And it went very well. Just prepare yourself and mom for the "head gear" you have to wear until the surgury is over. It is like a metal frame that they attach to your head. Dad said it was the only discomfort. Surgury went well, he went to bed that evening and my sister checked on him every 2 hrs and someone stayed with him for 48 hrs. But he had NOT ONE SIDEEFFECT not even a headache. Was putzing around the house the next day, cooking, reading like nothing happened.........so, I wouldn't have any fears. It was just a LONG day cuz he had to get there at 6 am and they didn't actually do the surgury until 7 pm. The morning they did scans and then it was just a wait all day.......

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