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Alveolar cell carcinoma


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hi, i tried to do a search, but i couldn't find much info. here's what i found...hope that it helps (you might want to check the websites and do a more thorough search though).


Bronchoalveolar carcinoma or alveolar cell carcinoma is a non-small cell carcinoma that can be found throughout the respiratory tract. When it is discovered as a single mass on a patient's x-ray, this type of lung cancer has an excellent prognosis. Five year survival after surgery is in the 75-90 percent range. If, however, it is found in its diffuse form (meaning it has spread beyond a single mass), the prognosis is quite poor.

http://www.learningradiology.com/notes/ ... cellca.htm

Alveolar Cell Carcinoma

Bronchoalveolar cell carcinoma

• Associated with scleroderma and or local scarring or fibrosis

• Growth may be very slow (7-12 years)

• Histologically, they may appear identical to a metastatic adenoca from elsewhere

• They all probably begin from a single abnormal cell

• Lymphatic involvement is common


• Local (more common)

• Mass containing air bronchogram

• DDx: Lymphoma, pseudolymphoma, inflammatory pseudotumor

• Commonly have participating tail of atelectasis to pleura

• Diffuse

• May be discrete or represent an area of consolidation

• Effusion in 10%

• Symptoms

• About 50% are asymptomatic—symptoms include cough especially , sometimes very productive (up to 4 liters a day=bronchorhea)

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