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Hello everyone,

Since my Brain MRI on Friday I have been extremely anxious and unable to even think clearly. Jack demanded that we get out of the house and go to the zoo. So, after some coaxing I conceeded. It was nice to take a time out from my worrying. It is hard to forget about the cancer as the pain in the center of my chest is a constant reminder. I am hoping that treatment will soon remedy that. I hate to take meds to numb my existence just yet. Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine though. Jack and I stopped o eat at an "all you can eat" buffet. Once inside we followed this maze until we got to the food. It looked like cafeteria style because there was a man standing behind the food bar. Jack hands his plate to this guy and proceedes to tell him what he wanted on his plate and "oh no, give me more than that!". The man looked a little put off. We then sat down to eat, and Jack complained about the service. Next thing Jack notices is this very same man who fixed Jack's plate, sat down next to us with his family to eat. Jack then realized that this man apparantly did not work there, but was a customer like us! We laughed all the way home!!!


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One afternoon I drove into a new development and parked in front of the first house. Walked right in the front door. Suddenly a woman came into the center hall and said 'Can I help you?' I said, "No, I am just looking".

Well you guessed it. This was not the sample house but a private home. I was dreadfully embarrassed and she did not think it was funny. However, within minutes I thought it was hysterical. We all do silly things, thank God.

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