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Hi everyone -

Not only did I meet a new friend that lives near by and is facing the same thing I am (David C and Karen) BUT......I met my son's 2nd grade teacher last night and gave her a note about my lung cancer and treatment so she would be aware in case my son had problems........we talked today.......her Mother has lung cancer!

Someone is looking out for me!!!! Someone has placed my son with the best teacher that he could have this year.....one that is familar with lung cancer and completely understands!

I can completely relax and know that my son will be taken care of by the best qualified person (should he have any problems)! What a relief!

I gave her the website address and told her how great everyone is here and how much everyone has helped me. Sounds like her mother is not doing well and she needs some support.

Anyway go figure!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is shining down on me once again!

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Cudos to you for informing the teacher. Every year I almost beg my parents to keep me informed of any happenings that may affect their children. As a teacher, you see many children drift away, but to know why the kid is drifting away helps you as the teacher to help the kid. Mine was iin 1st grade, 6th grade, and 9th grade when I was diagnosed, and one of the first contacts each time was to the teacher/guidance counselor.

We teachers do not hover over children, but keep a watchful eye. One year I had a darling 10 year old whose mother was being sentenced for the DUI death of the mother's best friend. I looked at that precious face and knew I could do nothing to ease her pain, but what I could do was make the 6 hours a day with the girl a very secure and comforting 6 hours.

Children are stronger than we think sometimes. As a mother, I learned quickly through my chemo to rest up during the day, so I could be "mommy" when he got home. I was hospitalized during his 12th birthday. My best friend went to the mall and got jeans for him that he "had" to have. We had his birthday from my bed where I was hooked up to blood transfusions.

It is way too early for me to be rambling like this.



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Gail -

I totally agree, if you don't inform the teacher, counselor and principal of major life changing events...they can not help your child should they need it. I would stand on top of a building naked, bald and scream my story to the entire world if I thought it would help my children.

What's that saying.....a village raises the children (I know I didn't qoute it right but you know what I mean).

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Beth, I am so glad that you can relax a bit and know that your son will be cared for at school by someone with an understanding of lung cancer. Last year, after my father died during Christmas recess, my sister send my nephew to school and went to talk to the teacher to explain that Austins grandfather had died two days before Christmas, so that she would be aware if he had any changes in his academic performance or he seemed 'different' with regard to his personality...Unfortunatly, this teacher was not the understanding type-she bluntly said "well, if YOU handle it well and don't get upset, then HE won't :x ." Know, I know that this is sort of true, but not even ONE word to mention that she was sorry for the loss, not ONE KIND WORD...she was actually a quite mean person, thank God Austin will have a new teacher for second grade!

I am glad that you were able to talk to her and she was so caring. And you helped her out, too, by referring her here-I'll keep an eye out for any posts that may be her. In the meantime-take a breather, you deserve it. Deb

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