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Social security disability claim question


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I, too, was advised to put in a claim for SS Disability. I did and it wasn't too complicated. They contact all your docs, and await confirmation from them re: your disease.

I was approved fairly quickly ( I think it was 45 days or so), and it was retroactive.

Your children may also be eligible for cash benefits....ask when you apply.

Best wishes,


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There is a 6 mo wait period. I applied 4 months after dx and had my check in about 6 weeks. The waiting period goes back to the last day worked. Back pay was not involved for me but had it went over the 6 month time frame I understood I would have gotten back benifits.

Also, Medicare does not kick in untill 2 years. Not sure if this is 2 yrs after your wait period or before. I never knew what stage I was but I know I was not 4.

If Norme does not reply soon....PM her. She is the expert on this.

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Us, too. We applied within one month of the dx and it was approved in 3 months total, first time through, no advocate needed. No check until the 6th month though. It was mostly filling out forms. They sent for the records themselves. No problems.

There is a "blue book" of medical conditions that virtually assure approval. I saw it before on the net - try searching on social security blue book or bluebook and you can find it.

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