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Dad's CT results

Angie Daughter of Bill

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I got a PM from Elaine this morning asking about Dad's CT results. (thanks Elaine :wink: ) So, I thought I better post. The CT of the shoulder showed some lymph node involvement in the area suspicious for metastatic disease. I thought for sure that it was a met to the bone the way that Dad described the pain. I didn't even know that lymph node involvement could cause pain. Has anyone had lymph node involvement that caused pain??? Does the lymph node swell and put pressure on something??? Dad is on Iressa. This pain started shortly after he started taking Iressa. We are going to try and stay on the Iressa for a little while and see if the Iressa will take care of this problem. Dad is getting another CT at the end of the month. (chest CT) If the new growth in his lung shows enlargement, then Dad might have to come off of the Iressa and go back on chemo. :cry: NOT what I want!! The good news is that his pain seems to have decreased a bit. (I know this because I check Dad's Lortab Rx daily to see if he has had to take any. :roll: Yep, I'm a snoopy daughter......but the snooping is done with much love!) Maybe I was little "jumpy" at the doctor and his staff for not wanting to do the CT. Nah, this is MY Dad and I want ALL of his pains checked out. RIGHT NOW!!

If anyone has had a lymph node to cause pain, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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Hi Angie,

I am sorry to hear about the lymph nodes in the shoulder. I have them and the pain in my shoulder has been significant. I'm guessing that as they enlarge they press on lots of structures...the axilla is where all of the nerves pass through on the way down into the arm and fingers. There isn't a lot of room in there for anything that doesn't belong.

Thinking of you both.

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I don;t have any advice to share and I hope the Iressa makes it all go away. I do have a funny to share regarding snoopy daugthers. My dad caught on to me that I snoop, so when I went over a couple of months ago, I saw pieces of paper that w ould say "Andrea do not look under here" and of course I would look and others would be a piece of paper face down wth a sticky on it whch said "remove paper before Andrea comes over". He was playing with me. It was really funny :):)

Anyway I am glad the pain has lessened.

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My father had the worst pain in his shoulder while sick with lung cancer. His was in the bone and lymph nodes though. I hope the pain subsides. I can attest

to my lymph nodes aching in my middle chest. My Doctor said that I shouldn't feel pain there, but I sure did. That is what brought me in to be diagnosed intially.


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