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More news on the Major Dad lung cancer story


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Who ever knew that removing lung cancer can seem as easy as removing a splinter. A little nip and zip zam zoop, you too can get back t making tv shows withut any worry and call yourself "all clear" Or so the article leads you to believe. Publicists are amazing :) Sometimes you gotta laugh at Hollywood and make believe;)

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Thanks for the article.

BUT......cancer is cancer, I don't see how they can say he is cured. Maybe remission but I think once you have had cancer you always have it and should be aware of it. Isn't that why we see oncologists the rest of our lives?!

His Dr's make it seem like it was no big deal! Kinda frustrating!

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Hey guys..

I wasn't going to post about this but I wanted to write my observations just in case people are lurking out there that are Stage 1A...

I was "lucky" enough to be Stage 1A, the cancer was contained in the nodule, one of the benefits of early detection. My surgeon, on my post op, told me to get on out of his office and get on with my life, I was "cured"; they had gotten it all. My Pulmonary Specialist told me the same exact words..both doctors are affiliated with Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Therefore, I don't doubt at all that "Major Dad's" (what the heck is this guy's name anyway? :lol: ) doctors gave him an "all clear".

When I tell people about my illness, I say that I HAD lung cancer. I do not currently have it, although yes, I know WELL that I could have a reoccurence of it (as you all have seen in some of my more neurotic posts), even with the 80% rate of making it to 5 years that I was given as a Stage 1a. I don't feel that I am in remission since the tumour was removed, and it was the only thing that tested positive. I go for scans every 3 months to make sure I stay "cured".

After a year of nightmares and trying to find my footing in this new life, I choose to live my life trying to accept that my cancer is gone. I cannot fault anyone else for getting back to their life and doing the same..

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I agree with Debi. Although I was a Stage 1B and haven't been told I'm cured by surgery, I had all the tests there were and it was determined both before surgery and with lymph node samplings (they took lots of them) that the only cancer found was in the nodule itself, which they removed.

I chose to get adjuvant chemo to hopefully boost my chances of a cure, but we've seen it many times here on the board and other places, that there is no disease that someone hasn't experienced a cure. The absolute worst thing about ours is the lack of symptoms and therefore a later stage discovery and diagnosis.

I too am paranoid, and look forward to graduating to annual visits with my surgeon (next spring), so that I don't waste precious life getting all crazy for two weeks before every check-up. When those check-ups come every three months, you don't have a lot of room for normal, especially when after the exam is over, it takes a few days to get over all that too.

Like Debi, I am trying my best to have a "normal" life and make plans and all that. I also don't really doubt that Gerald McRaney has been told 'cure' by his surgeon--that would be so great for him.

I remember before my surgery, I was in the surgeon's clinic for a pre-surgery physical and testing, and the resident told me that my case was so much better than so many he sees because it's still at a stage where it's 'curative'. Now I know that isn't any guarantee, but it sure has helped me through some tough times......

Anyway, just my thoughts, and Debi, that granddaughter is gorgeous!!!!!

Best wishes to all.....


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My Grandpa had lung cancer (and survived it) and only had surgery to remove a lobe of one lung. No chemo, no radio. This was about twenty years ago and he lived on for another 16 or so, dying from a heart attack at age 89.

So it would seem quite possible this fellow only needed surgery.



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Guess I have alot to learn! I know I would feel better if I was still dx with Stage 1, like in the beginning before surgery.

Even when I was stage 1 we were going to do chemo though. Guess the Dr's were gonna pick on me cause I am "young and healthy". Can't tell you how many times I heard that phrase over the past few months.

Good luck to Gerald and everyone else, prayers to all!

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I too have heard the "young and healthy" phrase beaten into the ground more times than I can count......"you and young and healthy, so we are going to hit you with the hardest treatment we can".... "we are going to be very agressive with you because you are young and healthy and can handle it....." The phrase gets old, especially when you are struggling through that "agressive" treatment and swear they are trying to kill you.....but in the long run, I've grown to appreciate the phrase AND the aggressive treatment! I guess we should just be thankful that we are able to receive it!

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