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Laurie, thanks for thinking of us. I was aware I had not seen the panda in a while and was delighted to see her show up recently. Hope you are mending well. I celebrated my 70th birthday on Tuesday, and was somewhat awed by that milestone. Lucie is doing fine. We will find out this week what tests need to be run and how the chemo is working. Blessings. Don

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Well Happy Birthday!!! I just realized that I started a new thread here, I meant to put it on the end of your post. :oops: Oh well... I just got my computer up and running again now I live in Phoenix AZ. I wonder who all lives out here from the boards. Anyway I'm glad to hear from you and that you and Lucy are doing well. PS I take Effexor too. I have a neck injury that may require surgery :shock: and I sure do get hot flashes out here in the 110 degree heat!!!!! :lol: Hope it helps us all.. :D:D:D

I will keep Lucy in my prayers for the best results for her tests. My Mom has her scans next week too.

Big Hugs

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Hi Cindy and Cathy,

How are you guys??? Yeah unfortunately I am injured and I'm trying to fiqure out wether to be disabled, FMLA, try to get another job etc... I am pondering surgery options etc. It's a terrible story.. unfortunately but i'm getting through it day by day. :roll: Here I am trying to raise money for seriously ill people and now look at me... How about seriously ill and injured people. I haven't been able to work since June. OH WELL.. LOL..

Cindy I love the picture of your dog!! There are so many great pictures here now its so refreshing to see all the pictures next to the posts.. I'm sorry that I haven't been posting more. I hope to stay more active and I certainly have more time to devote to activism.

Love and Hugs to you guys!

PS Cindy did you get the last CD I sent you????

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