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Just call me 'TEACHER' (update on Tom)

Cindy RN

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Well it happened, I got the position at the local college as instructor for the CNA classes. I have to go to Springfield for a weeks traning-they pay for everything. I have not been away from home except a few overnights at the hospital-EVER!!! My classes will begin Oct the third week I think. Three nights a week til the semesters end. Wow me a teacher. :shock::shock::shock:

As for Tom-His colonoscopy was fine. His liver enzymes tho are high and they have now checked them 3 times, each time they are higher. All the other bld work is good. Hepatitis panels all ok. He is to get a CT of the abd on Wed. Will have to wait.

Thanks for all the prayers.


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You are my shineing star you know. you offer me hope where there is none. I am sooooo pleased for you that I have developed a very special Teacher Happy Dance and am doing it for you now! :lol: I will pray that the abdm scan comes out clear and I am glad all else was clear for Tom.



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Thank you all sooooo much. I am really excited about this. 14 yrs of ICU/CCU and ER nursing and I am nervous about getting up in front of a room full of people still. :lol:

My daughter Sam is still home and working and going to college. She still thinks the sun shines on jerkface!! Someday she will see him for the low life he really is! He is such a user, she just got paid and I KNOW she is helping him out!

My other daughter Vicky (25) just broke it off with a boyfriend of almost 5 yrs and she is not doing too well. I just tell her if it is meant to be it will happen.

Tom is nervous, he keeps looking on the internet for what increased liver enzymes can mean-of course it says he should have died last week! Sorry a joke. I know when you look up LC the stats are always so grave! so many on here are proof they are WRONG!

Again thanks-maybe I can get off disability?? :? I have hated being on it.

Love Cindy

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That is so great about the job! And I hope the liver enzymes are nothing. My friend recently had high liver enzymes (she is 32) and they biopsied her liver and it turned out to be hepatities, not the serious kind, and she is fine.

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Congratulations on the job, Cindy. Anyone who's handled ICU will find a room of eager students a breeze. You have the background so just rely on that. Have fun with the training -- good thing they do that and don't just throw you into the fray!

Let us know how the tests go. And don't worry, things usually work out for our kids -- even mine grew up!


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From yet another teacher--CONGRATULATIONS! It is such a wonderful vocation! :)

I am thrilled to read that Tom's colonoscopy went well--and, like Fay, am hoping that you are given an accurate (yet, not scary) reason for his elevated liver enzymes.

Please keep us posted on both fronts!


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