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Cancer Benefit in the Park


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  • 2 weeks later...

Have just gotten the approval from the city manager and Fire Marshal for the candle light vigil. WIll be posting more once things are outlined better. Right now I have the green light, the venue and the enthusiasm.

Pray for no rain.


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Yes, these are a string of extended parks and paths- large areas that people use for family reunions and city sponsored events. There is always something going on. Attached to the large bearcreek parks are soccer fields and volleyball pits, playgrounds and a new amphitheathere that my city holds plays, musical festivals and "movie under the stars".

SO this is an active place.

Also, there are condos, townhomes and new communities around that area that use the parks to play sports, walk thier dogs, biking trails, etc....

So i am hoping we get some wanders and passersby that day as well.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Have gotten downtown businesses to donate copy services. This sure beats 4 cents a page and we can have tons of informational / educational packets printed out.

Will have bouncy castle and activities for kids.

The fire marshall approved the candle light vigil.

Have submitted flyers and media material on this event at two hosp. and some businesses so far.

Need to keep spreading the word here and pushing for media attention.

Am working on a speaking agenda if we can get medical professionals to commit.

Now we work on our corporate sponsors and fundraising ideas.

Wish us luck or volunteer to help!!! We need you!

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  • 1 month later...

Thank you to Walmart, Chilis and possibly Target. who are donating gift cards for merchandise and raffles. We are spreading the word.

Kroger is allowing us to set up a table and fundraise and pass our event flyers.

Stacks of copy went out today to the local news media outlets here. This is my second attempt to get some recognition for this event and LCSC. We will see.

This LCSC event is listed on our nbc and abc community events pages online.- that's a start.

Keep sending positive prayers. So far it's just me doing all of this. I have fingers crossed that volunteers will show up on the day of the event.

(I HOPE!) or I will be one busy girl. LOL

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