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Thank you everyone for your responses. I was so surprised to see how many people are actively reading this board.... I agree with all of you I am grateful I found this site but wish I never had to.

I actually discovered this forum in April, a couple of days after we were diagnosed but after reading a couple of entries regarding the changes in personality etc, that occur with brain mets, I found I couldn't handle it. It was so difficult for me to read about the changes everyone is going through, I was very depressed and shocked.

After beating myself up for a couple of days for not seeing this coming , after all "I'm the nurse"...I decided that I needed to focus on the positive and getting to Tx everyday and looking for more options, etc...gave me an avenue for what little energy I had left.

I started reading this site again about a month ago and discovered another side to it.... It truly is wonderful how everyone can come together in such horrible circumstances and share information, experiences and even offer support to each other...

Everytime we start something new I get my hopes up but for some reason we always end up with bad news....I keep saying we just need one break here.

My son has been very active in all aspects of my husbands care, especially knowing the right questions to ask the docs when I forget. He has been an amazing strength to me... we have always been a close knit family.... I know it is so difficult for him now....

My son has been asking me if he can post here as well.... I encouraged him to do so... i was wondering though, are there any other teens posting here?

Which is the best thread or forum to post in on a regular basis? Does it matter?

Also does anyone have any feedback re: the vaccine trial at Mary Crowley Medical Center/ Baylor University in Dallas.... tommorrow I will call to make the appt for a consult with Dr. Nemunaitis

Again thank you all so much, glad to know you're all here.

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Lisa, thanks for the update. So good that your son is involved. I believe that will help him cope as well as be of aid to you two. By all means, have him post. I don't think there are any tennagers actively posting at this time. Perhaps if your son posts, others who are lurking out there will also come forward. Best to you all. Don

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Oh yes Lisa, have your son post. I wish mine would. He hasn't been taking this very well and I think it would help him. I think it just scares him right now. Your son sound like he is facing this 'head-on" and is to be commended.

Wherever you post, it will get read. I usually post in the NSCLC thread, but alot of people post in General. It is really your preference, and depending what type of post it is.

Good luck with everything,


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We did have a couple of younger people post for awhile, but I haven't seen any of their posts recently. As Don said, maybe if your son posted others would also.

I believe that Cheryl is involved with the Mary Crowley Center at Baylor. You may want to PM her and see exactly what she is doing.

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Lisa -

I have a 13yr old daughter who knows almost everything about my disease. She doesn't know too much about Stage 3B or Stage 4 (that I am aware of) or ANY statistics, she trusts that I will tell her if it is time to worry. I don't allow her read the message boards, I do read some of them to her though.

If you or your son are interested he can e-mail back and forth with my daughter and support each other, I just hate for her to read everything that can occur with this disease. I'm trying to shield as much as I can, although it's not much.

If sounds like your son is advanced for his age, my daughter is 2yrs ahead in school so they may have alot to talk about it!

Good luck too you!

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