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New to site - 6 months into tx


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Hello everyone,

I have been reading the boards on this site for a couple of weeks and just joined. All of your support is very encouraging. I have been in treatment for 6 months for nsclc stage iiib. I am 40 years old. This has been quite a journey god has put me on. Just wanted to introduce myself.


40 yrs old

DX 2/4/04 ncslc stage IIIb

5wks of daily radiation and chemo weekly taxol/carboplatin

5/4/04 Surgery - removal of two upper lobes in right lung and lymph nodes in chest wall (this surgery according to my surgeon was a miracle, it was not ever suppose to be able to happen - got all of it)

Prayer is sooo powerful.

another round of chemo (4 months) taxol/carboplatin(to get anything that may be hiding) - allergic reaction to carbo, taxol/cisplatin - cisplatin made me to sick. Taxol only for a couple of weeks then taxol/navilbean combo.

Scans in July showed no signs of cancer :D

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Thanks Everyone -

I am so glad I finally joined the site also. It helps immensly to hear everyones stories - for this I am so thankful. I will be keeping everyone posted as well as watching to see how all of you are doing.

Thankyou for your support and encouragement.


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