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question about platelet count


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Hello Friends,

Last Friday my father was unable to be given chemo as his platelet count was too low. I asked if there was something he could be given, but nurse said there is a drug but the side effects are not worth it, so it is not given at that treatment center. She said that we just need to wait for the bone marrow on its own.

Is there anything we could do? Doc wasnt concerned about him missing a treatment, he said it told him chemo was doing its work, but I wouldnt want to miss too many.

Thanks, my friends.

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There is a drug called Neumega. The side effects are fluid retention and sometimes there is a severe allergic reaction. Ask the Dr.

Maybe the nurse was talking about IL-11. I think interlukin has bad side effects. In anycase ask the Dr.

http://www.mdcancer.org/types/sidefx.cf ... erTypeID=3

http://www.mdcancer.org/types/sidefx.cf ... erTypeID=3

http://www.lungcanceronline.org/effects ... fects.html

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Dear Linda,

When my platelet counts were low, the oncologist also told me that it showed the chemo was doing it's job. I also had to skip treatments. I was never offered any medications or transfusions--maybe the counts have to be lower than what mine were.

I did have nosebleeds because of the low platelet counts--but nothing I couldn't handle. I think all of this just comes with the territory.

I hope your Dad is feeling better soon, because when you have low counts, you can feel pretty lousy.


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