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Unexplained Swelling Around The Eyes


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My wife has some persistent swelling around the eyes. This started ~ 2 + weeks ago, just before completing chemo cycle # 3. At first, just the right upper eyelid was slightly puffy and droopy then it was both upper eyelids. Not alot of change but enough to notice. Since then the lower eyelid area under both eyes has gotten puffy ( bags ). No more droopiness of either upper eyelid. Now it's just a general appearance of puffiness around both eyes. Appears worse upon arrising in the morning and improves a bit thereafter. The rest of the face doesn't appear swollen and there is NO noticeable swelling anywhere else including in the neck, hands, ankles and feet ( edema ). Her treating physicians have ruled out tumor-related causes and kidney disease. They don't know what is causing it ! They are saying that it must be an allergic reaction to some product that she uses. We can think of nothing new or different that she uses. The radiation oncologist mentioned the Decadron IV that she receives at each chemo session as a remote possibility. I say remote because he agrees that the timing and symptoms don't fit very well. The only change in her drug regimen ( which did occur about the same time that these symptoms started ) was being switched from Kytril to Aloxi.

Based on my wife's DX, treatments, etc. ( see bio below ) does anybody have any ideas or experience with this symptom ? If so, please provide details.

Thanks much.

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A quick google came up with lots of possibilites, but one that might not be well known is dehydration. Is she getting enough fluids? Try increasing fluids and see if that helps.

I wish for you both emotional fortitude and strength. I know it is hard to relax but I hope that you both can find something that will help. Some days it is very hard for me to follow this advice (today is one of them!) but I try to distract myself from my physical awarenesses in order to find joy.



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Thanks to all for the USEFUL replies. Yes, MaryAnn, my wife receives Dexamethasone as part of each chemo session. I'd be more inclined to blame the Dexamethasone if the timing and swelling fit better. But, it could be the cause. She has no apparent swelling anywhere else on her body. Just around her eyes.

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