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Bobmc Is Gone, we lost another special guy


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I am very very sorry to tell you that Bob's wife called to say that Bob has passed away.

He had been very weak and had endured two procedures to put stents in his esophogus so that he could eat. Neither were successful and he remained on the feeding tube. She said that he died very suddenly at home.

She gave me the arrangements and I will see about posting his obituary for everyone in that forum.

This is another sad day...but Bob I hope where ever you are you are eating a steak with Tbone and David.


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Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn.

Curse this damned beast.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very sorry we have lost such an upbeat,

eternally optimistic and very dear family member.

Sympathies to his family, and to us all as we yet again grieve....


Prayers always, for us all....


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Bob was the first one to answer my very first post when I came to the board. Those of us who frequented chat, know what a funny guy he was and I only hope that we made him laugh half as much as he made us laugh.

I have no more words left. Like Bruce, I have thought about Bob every day, and will continue to miss him for a long time to come....

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I'll never forget one of my first times on chat and I really couldn't even concentrate on anything except cancer. I was just numb. Bob made me smile "at some DaveGr dog or isn't it a dog joke." Under normal circumstance I might have laughed out loud, but that a stranger was able to get a smile out of me is testament to Bob's optimism. He is missed.

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Bob, I imagine you sitting under a star somewhere in the Universe, planning an exploratory excursion to distant galaxies. You're putting together a group of adventurous spirits to see what lies beyond our ability to explore.

My heart is breaking...and I am so very sorry for your wife and family.

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Bob hasn't posted much since I've been a member of this community, however, I feel like I've come to know him because of all the fond posts that others have posted about him. The picture I get is of a vibrant, enthusiastic, likeable and very funny guy. I know he will be missed by all and I extend my deepest sympathy to all of his family.

May God bless you all,


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