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Parental Advice Needed Should I tell MOM???


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Hi Everyone,

I have a neck injury and I have been having a fever this time the fever I have had for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday my arms started shaking my head was pounding I could barely pick it up and I almost passed out. I went to the hospital and they Xrayed my whole body and put me on an IV and gave me fluids and Morphine. I was kind of shocked that they just didn't give me an anitbotic and send me home or do a spinal tap to make sure I didn't have an infection??? I'm scared and I want my Mommy.

I wanted to call my Mom but shes having her scans this week and I don't want to worry her. She lives in NH and I in Arizona, Should I tell my Mom???

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Its a real judgement call. I haven't mentioned, but my Mom has renal failure and is often sick and in the hospital, we didn't really tell her about the tumor on my spinal cord. I finally told her when she noticed the rash on my chest that I was receiving radiation, I don't know if she really understood though. If she is not so sick that she can't understand, (like my Mom) I would say let her know, it might be a relief to her to worry about someone else. Whatever you decide I am sending hugs and prayers for swift healing of your injury.



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Well, as a mother, whether I had cancer or not, I would want to know if one of my children was having trouble. I know that you don't want to worry your Mom, but if your tests were to come back and you needed some type of treatment, well, she might be hurt that she didn't know sooner. A mother is ALWAYS a mother and I think she would want to know. Now, in Betty's situation where her mother is very ill......well, that's a different situation. Is your mother in pretty good shape physically? Bless your heart that you are having to go through this without your Mom close to you. When I feel bad, I want my Mommy too!! (I guess I always will) Hope you are feeling better soon!!

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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I agree. I certainly would want to know and at the very least be there on the phone for you for comfort and support. You can always emphasise that things are now going better for you and that you know you'll be fine BUT you need her encouragement. It might even give her something else to think about while she's undergoing her scans. And I think she'd be horrified to have you hide it from her.


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Okay all you MOMs out there!!! Thankyou, I called and I talked to my Daddy and he said "your brothers got a bug too sounds like the same virus"... I hope so! They have no clue whats wrong with me, They want me to see an Internal medicine doctor and a pain mgmt specialist, I'm trying to get in to see them. My arms are shaking really bad today and I'm pretty much stuck on the couch... couch potatoe. :roll:

Mom has two suspiocus spots they are monitoring please keep her in your prayers. Everybody Scream


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Hi Everyone,

Mom had her scans today at 5:30... Oh please I pray they will be negative.

My situation is as follows:


I have 12mm disk bulges on c4-5 c5-6

flattening of the anterior margin of the cord

cervical straightening

swollen glands

a sore throat

a fever of 100-101 off and on for about 3 months

tremors in my arms and legs

muscle spasms

sharp pains

I also feel like i have just ran or weightlifted but I haven't my limbs feel week.


Can't remember shi_ ( well I had that before too) lol :lol:

Someone said I could have NeuroFibromylagia???? From the neck injury, I can't get into see the specialist for three weeks... :(

I'm freaked out... guess I shouldn't get too worried but I can't even eat soup and I have to nap after I blowdry my hair.

I called my parents but they were celebrating my Daddy's Birthday.. I don't want to worry them but I'm freaked out. Maybe its the flu???


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Praying for SCAR TISSUE!!!

Also praying that three weeks to see a doctor gets drastically shortened!!! :evil:

You need help sooner than that!!! :!:

Please keep us posted. If you go MIA without a hall pass from Mrs. "I should not be alloed to have needle stuck in my arm--, or my teeth cleaned --ever" (Ry)--you'll have us all worried beyond belief.


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Thankyou all for your replies. I'm so sorry to worry you guys. Cindy I did go to the hospital last weekend and they gave me morphine and xrays and referred me to a specialist but the specialist said he can't test me until the morphine and pain killers are out of my system for 3 weeks??

I'm going to go to the redicare tomorrow and tri to get an antibiotic. I just don't want my parents to fly all the way out here until I know more and my Mom has to work and have her scan results. She is retiring in DEC! Yeah!! I just feel bad causing them stress, the last time she came out she was exhausted and had that eyesight problem and got a cold from the airplane she has to use an inhaler now. The trip is so long for them. :roll:

Thanks for listening and caring.

You guys are the best and I really appreciate you. :wink:


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