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Follow up chemo trial question


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HI All,

Dad visited with the oncologist at Hopkins yesterday. They feel that they got everything with the lobectomy in august but are recommending follow up chemotherapy. THey have told him that it is preventative and is his choice. They have offered him a clinical trial which is only being done at Sloan, Vanderbilt and Hopkins. It is a combination of Cisplatin and Taxotere. Sounds pretty harsh but they mentioned 5-25% less chance of recurrence as opposed to doing Carbo/Taxol which can be done in our home town. He would be traveling up to Hopkins every week (3 weeks on one week off) for 3 1/2 months. Two of the treatments would take 8 hours. They are offering him to do the chemo on Fridays so he could stay over somewhere up there if he didn't feel up to traveling. This all new to us, he had radiation with the first cancer (head and neck). Any thoughts of choices out there? Side effects of one versus another? Dad is swaying toward the clinical trial because that is what Hopkins recommended. We are just concerned about how toxic, harsh and the side effects. Ultimately it is his decision but we are trying to get him as much information as possible to make the best choice possible. We will back him in whatever he chooses! It was his incredibly positive attitude that got him through it the first time!

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Thanks Alisa,

Dad has decided to go with Hopkins. He is most comfortable there and feels that it is his best option. He did get a second opinion, my cousin is an oncologist, which helps. Anyway, thanks for the compliment regarding my son. I think he's adorable but I am somewhat biased :) I will keep you , your sons and your family in our prayers. Chemo starts Tuesday, will keep you posted!


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I'm happy that your dad has chosen Hopkins for their treatment trial. Anything you can do to try to protect your health is worth it, I think. Those extra percentage points represent a lot of people when over 200,000 are diagnosed every year.

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