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Good and Hopefully Not Too Bad


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Last week, we got the results from my first CT scan since starting chemo in mid June and there was reduction. Yeah!!!!!!! Needless to say, we are very excited and now all those aches in my lung area have mysteriously gone away. Oh, how the mind can torture us.

I am sitting here avoiding my trip to pick up my most recent brain MRI. The last scan showed some new activity. This scan will help me decide whether I just do wbr or gamma knife and wbr. I am not looking forward to any of these treatments but I am making myself a wreck by waiting. I would appreciate your prayers for guidance in making this decision and getting to the first day of treatment. It is the impact to my daily life that has me most worried.

Not too long ago, Heather wrote a note indicating that she felt fine although the doctors told her that she had cancer, then they did the surgery and felt sick but still look fine, then they did chemo and radiation and then she felt and looked sick. That is what wbr looks like to me.

On another note, it is the first day of school here and I put my son on the bus for his first day of third grade. It is so quiet in my home right now. There is a part of me doing the happy dance - I can do whatever I want - then there is another part of me counting the hours until he gets home to tell me about his new adventures. I am praying that he has a great school year.

I am off to tackle the "To Do List" and make some strawberry jello for the little man ( it is one of his favorite desserts).

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Little Mo-

It's hard, I know how your feeling/ Everytime I post about being upset and scared everyone cheers me up and tells me that I am working towards a cure. And that all the sick feeling will go away. I agree with them, just helps to be told to it and that it will get better. I started my full strength chemo yesterday and it was also the first day of school, my son started 2nd grade and my daughter 8th. It was nice to get them out of the house but I agree, I missed them. I have always worked up until surgery in May 2004 and have spent alot of time with the kids this summer.

Keep your chin up, I know far more wiser people then me will have terrific responses for you. I think that as I near the end of treatment or finish, I will be able to think clearer and give awesome answers too!

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Treatment sounds positive. Keep on keepin' on!

That "first day of school" thing, so bittersweet! My baby started seventh grade yesterday. Oh, so did my oldest...see, he's a 'lonely child'...

I ended up taking him to school because he's new this year and his bus didn't stop for him...since the bus comes an hour before school begins, we had time to go out for breakfast so he was happy.

There were some positives to "treatment" and not being able to go to work (doctor's orders) - household remodels got done, gardens were planted and my son had all the "Mom Time" he could handle and then 23 MORE hours per day! :roll: I really kinda miss that...

Hang in there,


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Little Mo,

Great news on the shrinkage! If you decide on WBR or gamma knife, it will be ok. Before you know it, all of that will be behind you. What a cute picture you painted for us of the little guy off to third grade, and mommy making him some strawberry jello to slurp when he gets home from the big day. You're a good mom.



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