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RANT - Mistaken Identities

Kel M

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Hey all!

I've had really interesting experiences as the hospital where my Mom has been treated for the last 11 days. There have been some tremendously nice staff members who've made the stay easier and for that we are very grateful.

There have, however, been instance where doctors, nurses or orderlies have come in to the room and incorrectly identified my Mom as a man since most of her hair has fallen out. It drives me nuts!!! I don't know how many times I've had to correct people who've come in and said "good morning Sir". I think I'm beginning to look like a pitbull (no offense to the long suffering pitbull population) - I immediately correct people and I've become less pleasant about doing it; I'm occasionally even sharp about it. You'd think that on a floor where most people are living with cancer that the staff would be a little more sensitive to people's feelings.

It's happened so many times, that my Mom no longer finds it amusing. It's upsetting to her. The hospital is a revolving door of shifts though and there is always new blood and no way to ensure that everyone greets her as "Mrs".

Thanks for letting me vent - I hate to do it - but it's been cheesing me off for a few days now and I felt like putting pen to paper (so to speak).

On a more positive note, Mom's reacted well to the treatments for the blood clot and pneumonia she has and we are hopeful that once the blood thinner dosage is regulated, she will be allowed to come home. Her lung, ironically, looks good.

Sending kind thoughts and prayers to everyone,


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I'm so glad your mom is doing better. I don't blame you for being so upset about them doing that. I would have had a pit-bull face, too. I'm sure they are so embarrassed when they find out, and that should teach them a lesson. I had communication issues between all the different shifts when my dad was on a ventilator and couldn't speak for himself. I finally got so frustrated that I went to the charge nurse and the head of the whole floor and complained that issues weren't getting communicated in report between shifts. I called 2-3 times a day and I kept hearing, "I wasn't told about that in report." Finally, they had a big meeting of staff and got on them about doing a better job of "reporting" at shift change. You might try that approach (attack it from the top) and see if that helps. I'm sure the charge nurse (all shifts) would not like it that this was happening to your mom.

I hope you get your mom home soon, Kel.



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Kel, I'm glad your mom is doing ok.I'm also sure she will be back out on #1 tee golfing very soon.Mistaken identity is a problem no matter were you are getting treatment.I actually got mistaken in the chemo dept for another patient with a similar name.(now all the records have a picture of the patient on them)

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