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Heroes, NRA & Lung Cancer


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My 14yo son :D , who began his first semester of college last week, took English 101 in a college summer course.... he had to write many essays.

Two that will stand out in my mind forever are his essays on What is a Hero? and another on the NRA.

At 14 (he just turned 14 on 6/26) he spoke of heroes as being those who fight against diseases such as Cancer. He went into great detail of genetics and immunology and how those who give the most seem to benefit the least but they don't even notice it because they are so focused on their mission.

When he had to write an essay about the NRA (National Rifle Association) he took a postion that surprised me. He said that although criminals with guns are a threat to society, far too much money and attention is spent on this cause.

He said the thing we should be afraid of in this country is CANCER!

While approximately 11,000 people die each year from gun shots, Lung Cancer alone kills more than 190,000 per year.

He made me think of all the things I have been afraid of all my life....

-->afraid of flying because the plane might crash

-->afraid of driving in the rain or snow becuase the car might crash

-->afraid of gangs with guns

-->afraid of carjackings, hijackings and terrorism

-->afraid of burlars, muggers, rapists and murderers

I NEVER thought of CANCER.... I am a nurse and I NEVER though of CANCER until it hit.... and although I am not the one with the cancer, I may as well have been.... this disease hits you and your family worse than any gun shot or plane crash....

It took my 14 year old son to make me ask "What am I afraid of?" "What are we afraid of?"

The answer..... I am afraid of CANCER!

Don't get me wrong, this realization is not to bring me or anyone else down, in fact it has done the opposite for me.... It has made me focus....rather than wasting my time being afraid of everything, I can focus on doing something about this..... letting everyone know that CANCER is out there... it is lurking.... and somehow, someway it WILL affect your life or someone you know....

We have to try to stop it now....

We have to try.

14 y/o's are so wise.....

We have to try.

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I know that you are very proud of your son as you should be. He certainly has his priorities straight. That is a testiment to his family. College at 14 is quite an accomplishment and I hope he takes his wonderful brain into the area of research. Its people like him that make the big difference.


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