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my sisters surgery was not successful


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Oh Shelly, I am sure she will be just fine. I am praying really hard for you guys. I have a friend who had a mastectomy about 15 years ago, her kids were in grade school, and she is doing just fine. Things are even more advanced these days as far as surgery and treatment. Please keep us posted. Just hug each other alot.

Prayers and hugs,

Nancy B

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Oh my, I know this had got to hurt both of you so much. It is not what you were hoping for I know.

I have a dear girl friend that had a double done when she was 32. That was 14 years ago. She is still cancer free. She had the reconstruction done and looks great to this day.

Don't give up hope. It is a set back but all is not lost. I know she will probably have to go through all the chemo and radiation and that goes with it, but atleast there is still hope that she will still be around for her kids.

You are both in my thoughts and prayers. Keep your chin up and keep lots of kleenex around as I am sure you will both use them often.


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Dear Shellie,

I am praying that the next surgery is more successful. I am keeping your sister in my prayers (and you). BTW, I really glad you have a picture posted now. Sponge Bob drove me insane (probably because my daughter watches it constantly)!! Hang in there Shellie!


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All it means is that there was still cancer cells in the breast, Her nodes were clean weren't they?

Do you want me to call her? I do know a bit about the subject :D

Same surgery situation with a collegue--two llumpectomies and then the mastectomy. That was 5 years ago and she is as fiesty as ever.


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Oh, Shelly. I know you must be feeling so discouraged. Please try to expect the best from this. Doggone it! I know that's a lot easier said than done. You've had one of the toughest times of anybody I know, but you keep coming through it and getting right back in here and encouraging everyone else. You can do this! Your sister can do this!

I will pray for your sister. Isn't her name Kate or Katie? You don't need to answer that - I'll go back and look it up. I want to pray for her specifically by her name, and for you, too.

All my love,


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I don't even know what to say..this is just so unfair. She should not have to be put through all of this. I wish you both the very best...there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, just keep walking. Give her our best.


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