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my sisters surgery was not successful


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You're being a tremendous help to your sister whether you realize it or not and she's very lucky to have you at her side. I know it's hard to stay positive, but I also feel that your sister is going to beat this! Am praying hard for both of you! I always admire your honesty and especially the strength you have had this past year in being there for so many people. When I start to feel down about losing my dad, I come to this board for inspiration and words of wisdom from so many. We have a very tough, brave group here!

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Let me just weigh in here and say that I wish things were going easier for you and your sister. With me and my breast cancer, two surgeries did the trick. But, like Gail said, that happens sometimes that they can't get clean margins and a masectomy is the recommended treatment. I know someone who did the masectomy right off the bat because she didn't want to deal with the repeat surgery possibility.

As long as the nodes are clear though, this is still good news. I would have hated to lose a breast too, but I have already decided that is the breast cancer does come back, that's the way I'm going. I want to minimize my surgical experiences as much as possible.

The important thing is that your sister's docs do what they can to remove all cancer......why fight with trying to kill cancer cells that can be surgically removed? I understand the stress you're both under--please know I'm thinking about you and hoping for the best for you both.....

Take care......Cindy

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My mom has battled breast cancer twice (one time in each breast)--and won. The second time she opted to have a double masectomy. As others have said the procedure is no fun--but is your sister's nodes are clean that is GREAT news.

Nonetheless, I know how scared you and your sister must be at this time.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions (and I am sure my mom would be happy to talk to your sister, too).



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i have said before, i don't know which is harder. to be the patient or the care-giver, loved one, etc. your heart must be broke. my sister was one of my biggest supporters since my lc began, i suspect you are for your sister or you would not be here. that shows the kind of person you are, even after what you've already been through w/your parents. shellie, i will pray for you and your sis that ya'll will get old together. take heart in knowing many people here have been through what you are experiencing and are telling the story to comfort others, you will, too.

try to find something to laugh about today, laughter through tears is the best laughter there is. love you.

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